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Greg Hughes has managed and cleaned residential and commercial properties since 2008.   Prior to starting a mortgage company in 1993 Greg worked for his Father-In-Law's cleaning co. (Pyramid Environmental Services) located in Baltimore, MD  cleaning commercial facilities, i.e., churches and schools.  After getting out of the Mortgage industry in June 2008, Greg created his new company Bethany Beach Cleaning, LLC in order to clean and maintain residential and commercial properties in Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD .  

Dusting off cobwebs of winter

Property owners prep for season with spring cleaning

Apr. 22, 2013 

Greg Hughes, who owns Bethany Beach Cleaning LLC, does a spring cleanup of a home in Sea Colony as the summer season approaches. / CHUCK SNYDER photo

Written by
Jeff Kauffman
Staff Writer

BETHANY BEACH — The approach of summer often means many residents and property owners begin the daunting task of removing clutter and organizing a year’s worth of build-up.

It’s also the time of year, area cleaning companies find themselves receiving more calls from homeowners and property management groups to come in and do the dirty work.

“This is the time of the year that we’re doing most our spring type of cleanings,” said Troop Stockman, president of 1st Mate Property Services Inc. “Starting in March and running through May is when we’re called in to the majority of these types of big cleans, then by May we’re doing a majority of maintenance style work.”

Stockman’s company covers an array of general cleaning services for primary residences as well as vacation homes and rental properties.

Spring cleans differ from the standard cleaning they offer throughout the year as their focus is on re-organizational and thorough deep cleans, he said.

“This part of the month rentals and vacation houses are opening for the season, the owners have some cabin fever from the winter and they like to have a clean home when they make it down for their next visit,” he said.

Greg Hughes, owner of Bethany Beach Cleaning LLC, also sees a jump in business during the spring months with property owners inquiring about services.

Bethany Beach Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning options for homeowners for spring cleaning. Spring packages include kitchen cabinets being washed inside and out; pot and pan removal and reorganization; kitchen drawers emptied and cleaned; bathroom cabinets washed and items removed and reorganized.

He cleans behind the fridge, washes inside and out of the kitchen trashcans and even cleans and reorganizes bathroom medicine cabinets.

“Since we’re right before the busy season picks up, we go in and give the properties a good clean and hit spaces that aren’t usually addressed in typical cleans,” he said, adding his company also tackles reorganization. “With putting everything back in place where it belongs, it helps the summertime weekly cleaners get acclimated to where items belong in the home.”

“It’s a little more work for us, but it makes it easier for the cleaners to know where everything goes for the duration of the busy season,” he added.

April and May are often filled with flea markets and yard sales as residents find ways to get rid of the clutter they’ve removed. Area thrift stores say they see an increase in donations this time of year, as well.

Towns also help make the spring cleans a bit easier for residents with junk removal and bulk pickups.

Bethany Beach will offer free bulk pick up everyday until April 29, Rehoboth Beach has a bulk pick up on the south side of town until April 26 and from April 29-May 3 on the north side of town while Lewes residents can to call City Hall to schedule a pickup for April 24.

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The owners of this corporation recognize that God is sovereign in all areas of life including business. By applying the values, principles, and standards of the Bible to our business, we will not only honor God but also will develop attitudes and actions that will benefit our customers and our employees.


This company has a history of placing service to customers as a major priority. As good servants to our customers, we will seek to develop strong relationships with them. As these relationships develop we understand our customer’s needs. As we understand these needs, we provide the services they require with the quality that meets the customer's appropriate requirements at competitive prices. Through good planning our customers’ expectations should be met with timely delivery of the expected job and sufficient follow-up service, making only those promises that we can keep. Every person in this organization needs to conduct business in a manner which is courteous and polite. Our dealings with customers must be abundantly fair and honest so there can never be an element of deceit or mistrust. We never discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age.

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