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Year round residential and commercial cleaning. We can take care of all aspects of cleaning and maintaining your investment home or primary property; we will offer the best service at competitive pricing.

Every quote (bid) will be emailed or given via text message. All "expectations" of our cleaning services are in writing on this website (e.g., "standard", "deep", "spring", etc.) however we can always modify these expectations via email.  All scheduling is also in writing; after our initial walk-through, you will be emailed a quote.  If you accept the bid, we will email you again in order to set-up the time and date for our initial and hopefully on-going service.

If requested, after each service has been preformed, an invoice will be emailed asking for payment via check or PayPal; however, PayPal is preferred (please use only the "friends and family" option.) With this said, on occasions, usually only with new Clients, we might ask to be paid up-front after the initial walk-through (or sight-unseen) while still onsite, before we begin cleaning and only via PayPal or cash.   

�  Supplies: We will always bring our own cleaning supplies including mops, rags, vacuum cleaner, etc.  We try to use only "Green" products however, there might be times when we need to use bleach or ammonia or other chemicals that are not "green". Therefore if you have certain allergies from certain cleaning products, please ensure you have onsite your particular cleaning supplies that you want us to use.

Our main emphasis will always be your kitchen and bathrooms. We charge a little more then most cleaning companies however if you click on our Thank- You Letter's you'll understand why. Please take look at our "standard" cleaning checklist for your summer rental and or primary home.


Mission Statement

"Kudos to you and the regular cleaning crew! I have never had an end of season when I didn't have to spend an entire weekend scrubbing the bathrooms, the refrigerator, floors, tile, carpets, laundering all the blankets, etc. I actually got to go to the beach, a rare treat for me! I really hope you plan to continue doing this and will be the cleaners for us next season (as well as over the winter as needed). Feel free to use me as a reference! Thanks so much!" - Cathy


Bethany Beach Cleaning, LLC
Established 2008
29 L Atlantic Ave., #207,
Ocean View, DE 19970
License Number: 2008604320, Bond # 22897588
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DE and MD beaches - commercial and residential cleaning services

We provide several types of custom services to fit your needs, please email us at for a quote

29 L Atlantic Ave., #207, Ocean View, DE 19970  - 302-858-6524

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