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 "Standard" cleaning checklist for an Owner Occupied and a Rental home

"Standard" cleaning

  • Standard cleaning 1bed/2bed - *Price: $75-$115

  • Standard cleaning 3bed/4bed - *Price: $115-$165

  • Standard cleaning 5bed/6bed - *Price: $170-$280

  • Linen service (see below)

"Standard" cleaning checklist

Deep cleaning

Spring cleaning

* Price will vary depending on number of bathrooms and/or size and complexity; (e.g., glass shower door vs. shower curtain, separate tub, wooden floors, pets, etc.  Moreover, weekends could cost slightly more. We will either email a quote "sight-unseen" or conduct a walk-through, however after our initial cleaning we might need to re-adjust the price up or down.  With this said,  we will always email you prior to any changes and wait for your reply before any services are rendered.

Linen services:

We recommend using

Vera Bailey
Sheets at the Beach, LLC

However, if you do not want to use Vera's co., we will case-by-case, offer a linen service assuming the Owner has a locked linen closet and 2 sets of linens:

King - $11.00

Queen or Double - $10

Single - $10.00


$7.00 per person

$2.50 per bath mat

Delivery Fee: $5.00

(If linens are required for a pull-out sofa, we will place 2 (folded) towels and 1 queen set on top sofa for $20)

  • We will strip each bed and replace comforter

  • Place cleaned sheets at the bottom of each bed

  • Hang cleaned towels in each bath

  • Take home soiled linens to be washed and folded

(If using Resort Quest & blue bin is on site:)

  • Strip and make each bed

  • Hang towels in each bath

  • Place "accessory" bag in kitchen

  • On cleaning day remove soiled linens and place in RQ bin

Assuming the linens have been supplied and placed in bin at location during the hours of 10AM-2:30PM:

$7.50 per bed + $5 per each "full" bath

(If linens are required for a pull-out sofa, we will place clean (folded) linens on top sofa for $2)

If the linens have not been supplied during the hours of (10AM 2:30 PM) & we need to come back, there would be an additional fee $50; however, if linens cannot be delivered during this timeframe and they must be picked up at the RQ office on Route 1, an additional fee of $20 will be added to the $50 for a total of $70.




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