Employment Opportunities (Equal Opportunity Employer):

Bethany Beach Cleaning, LLC (BBC) is seeking motivated, hard-working and loyal employees to clean residential and commercial properties mainly on Saturdays and Sundays and mainly during the weeks of 5/15 - 9/15.

 You must have the following to qualify:

  • Access to e-mail 24/7
  • Have your own transportation
  • Cleaning supplies including vacuum with hoses 
  • Cell phone 24/7
  • Social Security number 
  • Resume

You would be paid per job; however in some cases you could be paid per/hour. If paid per hour, it would be between $10 and $20 depending upon your job skills.

We would try our best to assign you the same homes every weekend. If the owners and renters are pleased with your work, you might be asked to take on other cleaning assignments during the week if they fit into your schedule.

If you are interested:

  1. Sign and return Employee Application (you can either fax or scan or send via snail mail) Our mailing address is: 29L Atlantic Ave., Suite 207, Ocean View, DE 19970 and our fax number is 443-836-0250.







Cleaning Supplies recommended checklist:

    1. Large plastic, heavy duty bag with straps (IKEA sells a blue bag which is perfect) or a large back pack for carrying all your supplies
    2. Vacuum with attachments - (you will need the hose with attachments to pick up hair and dirt in hard to reach places)
    3. Vinyl gloves - (recommend using in baths)
    4. Sponge with one side abrasive
    5. Squeegee - (great for cleaning bath showers)
    6. Swiffer mop using wet Swiffer cleaning sheets; however, the owner uses a mop and bucket, 1 mop for wooden floors and 1 for vinyl and tile floors. On wooden floors use Murphy's oil soap, on all the rest, the recommended solution is:

      Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning - (The Owner uses this solution for almost all cleaning services not only because it works great but because it's non-toxic and it's very inexpensive, 1 bottle can last years)

      • Nontoxic
      • Natural
      • Doubly concentrated
      • Biodegradable Surfactants


    7. Broom
    8. Pledge Clean & Dust spray
    9. Toilet bowl scrubber
    10. Toilet bowl cleaner
    11. Spray bottle of bleach mixed with water - (sometimes used on the grout in showers)
    12. Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner - (great for shower glass)
    13. Spray disinfectant, e.g. Lysol - (nice to spray in air on final walk-through)
    14. Febreze - (nice to spray on furniture and final walk-through)
    15. Stainless steel polish - (used on kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures)
    16. Glass/ceramic cook-top cleaner - (also used to clean stainless steel sinks)
    17. Flat edge razor - (used on glass stove tops)
    18. Used tooth brush - (used behind kitchen and bath fixtures)
    19. Several Brillo pads in zip lock baggie
    20. Ear plugs - (recommended when using vacuum)
    21. Roll of paper towels
    22. Several plastic trash bags (incase non are available on location)
    23. Glass cleaner - (we recommend using a non-toxic spray; buy online and mix your own as this will save you $ as it will be used more than any other supply; check-out www.calbenpuresoap.com)
    24. Oven cleaner  - (only spray underneath of oven heating elements, never spray the elements)
    25. Eye protection - (recommended when using any chems or cleaning toilets)