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This cleaning is designed to provide the most comprehensive cleaning for the interior of your home. It is our most detailed cleaning that includes cleaning and organizing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets throughout your home. We recommend that you have an spring cleaning at least once per year.

In addition to the Standard cleaning and Deep cleaning, Spring house cleaning includes the following services:

  • All  kitchen cabinets (horizontal surfaces) will be washed inside; all pots/pans will be removed and organized  
  • All kitchen drawers will be emptied, cleaned and reorganized (if we find duplicates or items that do not belong, we will place in a bag or box and put either in garage or closet)
  • All bathroom cabinets (horizontal surfaces) will be washed down inside and out; all items will be removed and re-organized 
  • Pull-out fridge and vac and clean behind
  •  Wash inside and out of kitchen trash can
  • All bathroom medicine cabinets to be cleaned and re-organized.

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Spring cleaning


  • Standard cleaning 1bed/2bed - *Price: $75-$115 + Deep Cleaning Fee + $85 + Spring + $100

  • Standard cleaning 3bed/4bed - *Price: $115-$165 + Deep Cleaning Fee + $100 + Spring + $150


  • Standard cleaning 5bed/6bed - *Price: $170-$280 + Deep Cleaning Fee + $150 + Spring + $170


 (Pls email if a Service Agreement is required)

Carpet cleaning

* Price may vary depending on number of bathrooms and/or complexity (i.e. clear glass shower door vs. shower curtain; separate tub and shower vs. shower insert, etc.) Moreover, weekends could cost slightly more. We will either email a quote "sight-unseen" or conduct a walk-through; however, after our initial cleaning, we can adjust the price (if needed) up or down depending upon your feedback for your next cleaning, e.g. if you were happy with our work and or the feedback from our cleaning team, e.g., they thought their pay was fair for the size and shape of your home. Therefore, if your home was in good condition we could possibly adjust our price lower for the 2nd cleaning; either way we will always email you with any changes and wait for your reply before any services are rendered.


DE and MD beaches - commercial and residential cleaning services

We provide several types of custom services to fit your needs, please email us at for a quote

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